The musical history of BROTHER

Every BROTHER album is a bit like a snapshot of where the band was at the time. Each one has a flavor different from the one that came before or after, yet with a common thread running through the whole. We leave it up to you, the listener and lover of the music, to find that thread for yourself and make it your own. That is, after all, what music is all about.

Here it is, the musical history that is BROTHER…

  from the dreamtime to the meantime
... a unique collection of songs from your BROTHER.

4 previously unreleased studio tracks have been released from the vaults - including the final studio sessions with brother Hamish, in the States and Australia.

You'll hear everything you've come to expect from your mongrel brothers - lots of didgeridoos, bagpipes and driving rhythms, along with the classic brother harmonies, singing to you from out of time. Songs very Australian. And a very different, intimate version of 'Crazy'.

We've also included a live version of one of Angus' new songs - 'Divine Right' - recorded at the final show of 2011. We just liked the vibe on this one, and it seemed to fit in with the feel of the other songs ...

Rhubarb Records 2011
  out from under
Released in June 2010, this CD represents the BROTHER sound - now. The celtic tribal trio of Angus, Dalbo, and Didgeridrew live at The Coach House. 

Rhubarb Records 2010
  one day
Recorded on the verandah of a farmhouse in the Australian bush. The first BROTHER album recorded in Australia.

Rhubarb Records 2008
  The Terrain Around Here is Far Too Dangerous
This album is a record of our first real live theatre show, complete with actors and multimedia. 2 stereo microphones captured the final performance night as it was. An intimate little theatre. A live acoustic performance. Some very special guests.

Rhubarb Records 2006
  As You Were
A collection of 20 favourite songs from the first 13 years of BROTHER, voted for by you. We think you chose well. Includes a powerful remix/remake by Dave Dale of the first BROTHER tune ('The Machine', recorded in 1991) to ever use bagpipes.

Rhubarb Records 2006
  Pax Romana MMV
We really wanted to capture the feel of how we were playing these songs live. All the basic tracks went down nice and quick, just like we were on stage. Overdubbing was a magic experience with some very talented friends helping us weave a real middle eastern atmosphere through the whole album.

An enhanced CD, Pax Romana MMV, includes "making of" videos.
Rhubarb Records 2005
  Mongrel Mythology, Vol. 1
This dvd really captures where we were that year. Back on the road with Dalbo again. Playing shows. Doing workshops. Making videos. Trying to explain what it is we do. Brothers Bob and Sam did an amazing job directing and editing this offering.

Rhubarb Records 2005 
  Urban Cave
We love the surprising places we go to on this one and that it challenged so many people and their perception of us. 

Rhubarb Records 2003
  I You You Me
We really push our own creative envelope with some of these tracks. The band was feeling powerful. It remains a pretty quirky little offering.

Rhubarb Records 2001
  This Way Up
Recorded at The Coach House a few weeks into our first few shows after having been off the road for nine months when we'd turned our big van into a rollercoaster in the desert. We definitely caught the high energy bagpipes and rock 'n' roll vibe of the time.

Rhubarb Records 2000
  Your Backyard
Recorded at Colin Hay's studio in Topanga. It felt like a cross between middle earth and the Aussie bush. More than ever before, we were improvising, being in the moment, trusting, and letting go.

Rhubarb Records 1998
  Digging Bone
The live recording of these raw tracks in our rehearsal space was probably the band at its best in terms of capturing live energy in the studio environment. We'd love to strip this album back one day and rebuilt it. There's a log of magic within - unseen.

Rhubarb Records 1997
  Black Stone Tramp
The energy of coming straight off the road and into the studio - a converted garage - and recording it all in a week, really made the album. Some intense moments. But it all paid off.

Rhubarb Records 1996
  Exit from Screechville
We were wanting to be a rock band in the studio, playing our songs. We were widening the groove as it were. "like tribesmen playing rock 'n' roll" is still one of our favorite review quotes from that time.

Rhubarb Records 1995
  Pipe Dreams
The plan was to go into the studio and record in a day what we were playing busking (street performing)... Some tracks were left pretty raw, others we wanted to have some fun with. 

Rhubarb Records 1994
  Black & White (aka Four Heads)
I really like a lot of the lyrics from this early period, but the band certainly had not yet begun to develop any kind of original sound.

Rhubarb Records 1993
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